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Prism 9.4.0

We conducted a multinational, retrospective review of clinicopathologic features of patients with established WHIMs (n=20) or germline CXCR4 variants considered likely pathogenic or of uncertain significance (n=3), including 14 BM specimens and 10 PB smears. Assessments to date were performed by 2 observers in 6 cases and a single observer in the remainder. BM morphology was compared to other neutropenia disorders (Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, n=5; GATA2 deficiency, n=5; severe congenital neutropenia with ELANE variants, n=4) and patients without hematologic disorders (n=10), together "controls." Correlations and contingency analysis (2-tailed Fisher exact test) were performed using Prism v.9.4.0 (GraphPad Software).

Prism 9.4.0

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