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Total War Warhammer 2 Fps Fixl

In a normal sized battle with 2 fullstack armies with an average of total 1500-2000 units the performance is relatively stable with 60 fps most of the time. But as soon as the battles got bigger the performance is really crumbling.

Total War Warhammer 2 Fps Fixl

Download Zip:

In a totally unexpected and completely unforeseen turn of fate, the latest (visually incredible, might we add) Total War game doesn't run all that well by default. And, to be fair, there are necessary optimizations that Creative Assembly and SEGA need to get to, for sure, but we've got something to help you until that happens. That's right - this Total Warhammer 3 optimization guide aims to help you get the game to run as well as humanly possible.

Europa Barbarorum is a total conversion modification. The modification affects all areas of RTW; all vanilla units have been removed, all new models and textures, a new economic system, new traits system, new scripts, and in general new gameplay. No area of RTW is left untouched.

This is a program that allows for a greater amount of freedom controlling the camera, it gives you the ability to control camera orientation with your mouse just like modern total war games, Freecam also allows you to scroll infinitely high up and into terrain. It adds the option to override ingame horizontal controls allowing for a more consistent camera speed at all heights, it additionally makes camera speed fps independent unlike vanilla.

I made a freecam mod like this one, i made it around a year ago. It works for Medieval ii, but also for the original Rome TW. Maybe nobody saw it because it's buried in total war center forums, it's here:


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