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Kotor Dantooine Graphics Glitch

Loading Issues: Just a note about those of you who may be experiencing a frozen black screen when loading up KOTOR 2. The main reason for this is typically an incompatible setting which causes problems with KOTOR 2's movie files. To make sure you don't experience these issues, firstly disable any refresh rate overrides/fixes you may have applied (such as Refresh Force). Secondly, make sure you only use the modified movie files at the end of this guide if you want to skip the introductory movies - rather than just creating blank .txt files and renaming them. Make sure you are running the latest graphics drivers for your card - see the ATI Catalyst or Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guides listed on page 2 of this guide. Finally, make sure your graphics card meets the minimum specifications for the game - most integrated graphics and laptop chipsets will experience problems with this game including black screens, crashes and graphical glitches.

Kotor Dantooine Graphics Glitch

[center]**[big][big]Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic[/big]No Major Glitches Speedrun v4.3: Male/Female Scout -> Jedi Guardian Route (Light Side)[/big]**[/center]This route defeats Malak on the Star Forge as fast as possible without major glitches. Timing begins upon clicking "PLAY" after character creation and ends on the last hit on Malak. A load-removal tool is available for LiveSplit thanks to glasnonck; times are sorted based on load-removed times, since load times vary significantly in this game, and saving is frequent. This guide will cover the character build for the run, as well as a detailed route.If you have additional questions, you can check out the KotOR Speedrunning Discord which is linked on the game's sidebar on There's a bunch of friendly folks there willing to answer questions!**REMEMBER to show yourself restarting the game at the beginning of each attempt.**[section=Category Rules]The Any% No Major Glitches (NMG) run is a middle-ground category between [Any% Unrestricted](hmjxg) and [Any% Glitchless](xaobq). The following glitches and tricks are banned in Any% NMG:- [Fake Level Up](b6452)- [Menu Glitch](d4jq8) including AMG- [Fast Lane](imbom)- [Hotshot](iarwc) and [Coordinate Warp](iarwc#ch6Coordinate_Warping)- [Full Inventory Duping](hioyc#ch3Full_Inventory_Duplication)- [Door Clipping](dyi4i)*Note:* [Door Clipping](dyi4i) includes [GP Warps](77xef) that [bypass locked doors](dyi4i#ch3Gather_Party_Warp_Clips).These glitches and tricks are allowed:- [Save Buffers](t5kyf) of all types- [Save Teleports](5dagb)- [Map CS Skips](rb685)- [Combat Talking](upcnj)- [Force Skips](8fp02)- [Wired Targeting](41875)- [Single Item Duping](hioyc#ch2Single_Item_Duplication)- [GP Warps](77xef) that do not bypass locked doors.[section=Character Build]***Character Creation***We begin as a Scout; this guide as written can be completed as either a Male or Female character, but Male has the small advantage of an easier time sparing Bastila on the Star Forge with successful Persuade checks. Scout is used because it is guaranteed an Adrenal Alacrity in the initial footlocker on Endar Spire, which saves 12 seconds by enabling us to run faster earlier on Taris, and skip shopping with Zelka. On becoming a Jedi we'll choose the Jedi Guardian class for maximum attack power, the Force Jump feat, and since we no longer need any skill points.**Initial Attributes:**Str - 18Dex - 14Con - 14Int - 10Wis - 8Cha - 8**Initial Skills:**Computer Use - 4Security - 1Treat Injury - 4Save 2 points**Initial Feat** - Weapon Focus: MeleeWe are going to focus on melee attacks with a lightsaber, so we max out Strength immediately, and get enough Dexterity and Constitution to help us survive. The final two points are put into Intelligence; that plus the 4 points in Computer Use saves us 1 computer spike for every hacking action, which is essential for our spike route on Taris.Besides Computer Use, Treat Injury (TI) will be our secondary skill, with Persuade the main skill; however since Persuade is not a Class Skill for Scouts, we'll save points to put into Persuade once we become a Jedi. The point in Security is for a door on the Endar Spire and serves no other purpose, but does save a few seconds.We choose Weapon Focus: Melee for the attack boost on Taris, in particular the fights in the Sith Base. We choose it over Two-Weapon Fighting because it takes longer to select, so at level 2 it's faster to pick Two-Weapon Fighting. Since character creation isn't timed, this is optimal.***Leveling Plan*** main combat plan is lots of Strength, Master Two-Weapon Fighting, Master Flurry, and Knight Speed, using Bastila's Double-bladed Lightsaber as our main weapon. This gives us multiple attacks that will deal as much damage as possible; we need as many attacks as we can get, since our chance to hit will be relatively low. We are not guaranteed to hit level 11 in the run, but if we do it's best to just Auto-Level to get the +1 Attack bonus; we don't really need any additional skills or Force Powers at that point. Other notes:**Skill notes:**- After the initial 4 points in Computer Use, we don't put any additional points in. We would need to reach 8 to save additional spikes, and we don't have the skill points to spare.- We need Persuade for four conversations:1. On Dantooine, we must Persuade Juhani to return to the Jedi.2. On Korriban, we must Persuade Shaardan to spare the hopefuls for Light Side points (LSP).3. On Korriban, we must Persuade Yuthura to allow us to enter the academy.4. On Korriban, we must Persuade Kel Alghwin to disclose his doubts to us.- The rest is put into Treat Injury to make our medpac use more efficient.**Feat notes:**- Weapon Focus: Melee Weapons only gives us an attack boost on Taris, but that's where most of our fighting occurs, so it's a worthwhile feat to take.- Empathy is chosen since there aren't other good feats at level 3, and it gives +1 to TI and +1 to Persuade, our two most important skills.- Flurry and Two-Weapon Fighting are our main combat core.**Force Power notes:**- Force Speed is the most important Force power, giving double movement speed, although [Save Teleports](5dagb) are eventually the fastest form of movement. Knight Speed also grants +1 attack per round, which is highly important due to our relatively low chance to hit.- Force Valor is used on Korriban to increase chances of a successful Persuade on Yuthura, as well as to boost stats for as many fights as possible. Knight Valor also gives us Immunity: Poison, which protects against Affliction and Plague on the Star Forge.- Disable Droid is used to free the Captured Jedi during the Malak fight at the end of the game. This denies them to Malak, meaning you only have to kill him twice. It also fills up your Force Points as well, though not your health.- Affect and Dominate Mind are used for the following:1. Avoiding landing fees on Manaan, Tatooine, and Kashyyyk.2. Persuading Lashowe to assist us in finding the holocron.3. Persuading the Czerka guards in the Upper Shadowlands to give up the emitter codes.[section=Equipment Plan]**Implant: None**- While we used to use the Nerve Enhancement Package for Immunity: Mind-Affecting, skipping Zelka means it's more convenient to nab the Nerve Amplifier Belt for that purpose. The other implants we obtain are sold for significant and important credits.**Head: Verpine Headband**Found on Dantooine, Casus Sandral's corpse- This is the most convenient mask to grab, giving +3 to our Will save, which is our weakest.**Gloves: Strength Enhancer**Found on Taris, Sith Governor's corpse- This is used for the +1 Strength; from levels 4 through 7, it nets us an extra +1 modifier, which helps for the fight against Lashowe.**Body: Jedi Knight Robe**Found on Dantooine, Nemo's remains- We want to wear robes to allow us to cast our Force powers, and this is the most convenient robe to grab, since we loot Nemo anyway for the Sigil crystal.**Weapon: Double-bladed Lightsaber**Found on Taris, Brejik's "corpse"- We borrow Bastila's lightsaber for the run (and probably give it back afterwards). The crystals we use are as follows:Sigil Crystal: Placed after Tatooine, used for +1 AttackOpila Crystal: The only other convenient crystal on our route. The damage boost and massive critical hits makes it worthwhile. Placed after Tatooine.Solari Crystal: The best crystal in the game and the reason we try to stay Light-aligned (see below). Replaces Opila after Korriban.**Belt: Nerve Amplifier Belt**Found on Tatooine, Chewed Twi'lek corpse- Skipping the CNS belt streamlines the credit route and lets us skip the strongbox in the Vulkar Garage, saving about a minute at the expense of slightly worse combat. The Nerve Amplifier Belt is a convenient replacement that preserves Immunity: Mind-Affecting and lets us skip Zelka on Taris for a little further timesave.All of our equipment should be equipped once we leave Tatooine, with the exception of the Solari crystal which is placed after Korriban. We'll also use the Combat Suit, Prototype Vibroblade and a basic Vibroblade while on Taris.[section=Credits Route]By skipping the CNS Strength Enhancer, we can concentrate all of our shopping into 3 to 5 trips, depending on how many safe strats we decide to use:**1. Larrim on Taris***Sell*: Nonessential items to reach 1182 Credits*Buy*: 2 Concussion Grenades, 1 Frag Grenade, 1 Battle Stimulant (374 Credits)**2. Zelka on Taris***Optional*: Buy 3x Adrenal Alacrity (150 Credits)**3. Selkath Merchant on Manaan***Buy*: Advanced Medpac, Hyper Battle Stimulant, Hyper Adrenal Strength (380 Credits total)*Buy*: Hyper Adrenal Alacrity **only** if you did not shop with Zelka (100 Credits)*Optional:* Buy a second Hyper Battle Stimulant and second Hyper Adrenal Strength if you are *not* doing Krayt Skip (300 Credits)**4. Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu on Tatooine***Optional*: Buy Bantha Fodder **only** if you are *not* doing Krayt Skip (1 Credit)**5. Czerka Shop on Korriban***Sell*: Nonessential items to reach 4200 Credits*Buy*: 20x Advanced Medpac, 5x Echani Battle Stimulant, 5x All Hyper Adrenal Stims (4100 Credits total)Our credits all come from selling items we don't need, though we do loot some extra corpses to be able to afford all the stims we want on Korriban. The Selkath Merchant on Manaan is useful for the Adrenal Alacrity for the underwater segment, since we would normally skip Zelka. The other stims are for the second phase of Leviathan Malak and the Sand People fight (if not doing Krayt Skip).[section=Alignment Route]Alignment in KotOR is a sliding scale from 0 to 100, initialized at 50; higher numbers are Light, lower numbers are dark. Shifts in alignment are determined by a matrix; every alignment-shifting action is classified as Light or Dark, and then assigned a level (either Low, Mid, or High). The player character (Revan) can either be aligned as Very Dark, Dark, Neutral, Light, or Very Light. The more opposed your alignment and the action's classification, the more drastic your shift in alignment; for example, a Light-aligned character performing a High Dark action will have a large shift, while a Dark character performing a High Dark action will have a smaller shift.Here is the alignment route used in the run: These actions are for some reason hardcoded to always give +3/-5 alignment, respectively.There are two important points in this route:1. We must be at 60 alignment or higher (the boundary between Neutral and Light) in order to equip any Light Side restricted equipment. The Solari crystal is Light Side restricted, as well as being ridiculously good. So we need to be at 60 alignment by the time we place the Solari Crystal (after Korriban) and stay there in order to keep our lightsaber equipped.2. When Persuading Yuthura to allow us access to the Sith Academy, if we are at 61 or more alignment we will have a Persuade/Lie option in addition to the normal Persuade option. The Persuade option is a Low Dark action and loses alignment, while Persuade/Lie is a neutral action. While we used to try to reach 61 alignment before here, we use the Mid Light action of Persuading the Sith Thugs to counteract the Low Dark action of Persuading Yuthura genuinely.However, wanting to equip the Solari crystal means we want to do mostly light side actions. Hence each dark side action we take is done for a specific and very good reason:- Agreeing to kill Gadon Thek teleports you to entrance to the Vulkar Base, saving the 45 seconds it takes to run out of the base.- Threatening Janice Nall to get T3 is the only way to obtain him, because we don't have the 2000 credits (and wouldn't want to spend them if we did).- Persuading Yuthura is the fastest way into the Sith Academy (see above).- Snitching on Kel Algwinn is part of the fastest way to gain the 5 necessary Prestige points on Korriban, and saves at least a minute over the next fastest option.While we used to kill Freyyr in the Lower Shadowlands to enable a [Map CS Skip](rb685) to reach the Ebon Hawk, we can avoid the fight and its associated DSP by simply [Save Teleporting](5dagb) to the Wookiee Village and using a [Map CS Skip](rb685) from there. This saves time and alignment issues.[section=Route Overview]This is a brief outline of the route for the Any% NMG run, including planet order and smaller skips:**1. Taris*** - Reach the Undercity and recruit Mission and Zaalbar to access Vulkar Base* - Defense Turret Skip to access Vulkar Garage* - Use Accelerator Warp to exit Vulkar Base* - Skip the Brejik Fight to rescue Bastila * - Recruit T3 to access Sith Base* - Kill the Sith Governor to get the Launch Codes* - Steal the Ebon Hawk and escape Taris**2. Dantooine*** - Become a Jedi Padawan* - Redeem Juhani to the light side* - Find the Star Map in the ancient ruins**3. Manaan*** - Raid the Sith Base to recover the Data Module for the Republic* - [Sonic Buffer](t5kyf#ch4Soft_Buffers) to skip the Mother Firaxan* - Find the Star Map on the ocean floor**4. Tatooine*** - [Save Teleport](5dagb) into the Eastern Dune Sea* - Kill the Krayt Dragon OR perform Krayt Skip to obtain the Star Map**5. Korriban*** - Inflitrate the Academy* - Earn five prestige points with Uthar Wynn* - Find the Star Map in Naga Sadow's Tomb**6. Leviathan*** - Rescue the crew using Mission* - Skip the spacewalk sequence* - Skip the Saul Karath fight* - Defeat Darth Malak and escape**7. Kashyyyk*** - [Save Teleport](5dagb) to skip visiting the Wookiee Village* - Recruit Jolee Bindo to access Lower Shadowlands* - Find the Star Map in the Lower Shadowlands* - [Save Teleport](5dagb) to the Wookiee Village to Return to the Ebon Hawk**8. Unknown Planet*** - Rescue the Elder Warrior and obtain Ship Parts* - Use the Rakatan Ritual to enter the Ancient Temple* - Defeat Bastila and stay true to the Light Side* - Repair the Ebon Hawk and fly to the Star Forge**9. Star Forge*** - Find and kill Darth MalakThe reasoning for the middle planets:- Manaan is first because there are no fights we have to win, and thus our relatively weak combat abilities don't matter as much.- Tatooine is second because there's either no combat (if you do Krayt Skip), or we get the Krayt Dragon Pearl for a much-needed Attack bonus.- Korriban is third so that we can get the Solari crystal; we also may have reached Level 9 (and Knight Speed) before Uthar and Yuthura to make those fights easier. We also buy top-notch stims and medpacs here to make some later fights easier.- Kashyyyk is done last because you can skip the Star Map computer's quiz if your identity has already been revealed, and our Save Teleports will be maximally effective here.[section=Detailed Route]This section will describe all the actions you'll need to take for the Any% NMG run.*Notation:* indicates a glitch or trick to be done> indicates a level up to be done} indicates an inventory/equipment action to be doneMC - Stands for Main Character, your player characterCS - CutsceneQS - Quick SaveQL - Quick LoadQS/QL - Quick Save then immediately Quick LoadGP Warp - [Gather Party Warp](77xef)*Conversation Notes:* - If no conversation choices are specified, spamming clicks and NumPad Enter will work (this chooses all 1 options)- A indicates a break in the conversation. You have to talk to the person again.- A #xY indicates repeat that option Y times, as in Gadon Thek's first conversation.[center][big]***----------------------------Character Creation----------------------------***[/big][/center]> Male/Female Scout - Custom Character> Str to 18, Dex to 14, Con to 14, Int to 10> Computer Use to 4, Security to 1, Treat Injury (TI) to 4, Save 2> Initial Feat: Weapon Focus: Melee Weapons> Pick a good name!> Hit Play! (and be ready to [Hard Buffer](t5kyf#ch3Hard_Buffers)!)[center][big]***----------------------------Endar Spire ----------------------------***[/big][/center]**Endar Spire:** [Hard Buffer](t5kyf#ch3Hard_Buffers) past Intro CSLoot footlocker} Equip Short SwordTrask conversation twice (spam)} Equip Blaster Pistol to Trask's OffhandUse security on doorKill two Sith SoldiersLoot footlocker in next roomCutscene of Sith vs. RepublicKill front three Sith Soldiers with frag grenadeJedi vs. Sith cutsceneLoot Jedi for Vibration Cell/Adrenal StrengthKill two Sith soldiersKill front two Sith soldiers on bridge> Level to 2: Save skills, Two-Weapon Fighting [Hard Buffer](t5kyf#ch3Hard_Buffers) past Trask's death sceneEnter Starboard Section**Starboard Section:**Loot footlocker in Terminal RoomHack terminal console: 2,3Loot Sith Commander for Prototype VibrobladeCarth talks to youTake Escape Pod to Taris[section=Taris 1]**Apartments:**Use the stims hotkey to use two stims:- Once (for Adrenal Alacrity) before the dream CS- Once (for Adrenal Strength) before the waking up CS in the HideoutCarth talks to you: 1,1,1,5,3Loot footlocker for spikes and medpacs} Equip Combat Suit, Prototype Vibroblade mainhand, Vibroblade offhandExit the apartment (forced to bring Carth) [Hard Buffer](t5kyf#ch3Hard_Buffers) past Sith Raid cutsceneLarrim accosts you: 1,2,4---------------------------------------------------------*SHOPPING: Larrim***SELL ALL EXCEPT:** - Medpacs- Computer Spikes- Vibroblade- Frag Grenade**BUY:** - 2x Concussion Grenade- Frag Grenade- Battle StimulantEnd: 808 Credits---------------------------------------------------------} Use Battle Stimulant on MCExit to Upper City South**Upper City:**---------------------------------------------------------***Optional Safe Strat: Zelka Stims****Skipping Zelka saves around 6-8 seconds, but gives no leeway in terms of stims, meaning you lose lots of time if Carth or MC die anywhere on Taris. This strat is recommended for beginning runners until they are comfortable with the rest of Taris.*- Run towards statue at the end of the walkway- Activate Solo Mode- As Carth, open door to Upper City North- As MC, talk to Zelka in the medical clinic: 3- **BUY:** 3x Adrenal Alacrity (150 Credits)- Swap to Carth and Buffer [GP Warp](77xef) to warp MC- Run backwards to trigger the bullied merchant CS---------------------------------------------------------*If you choose not to use the above strat:*Run down street to left and approach bullied merchant---------------------------------------------------------Bounty hunters accost you: 1 (+2 LSP)Kill the bounty hunters with a frag grenadeGive credits to the merchant to pay his debt (+4 LSP)Enter Upper City NorthRun straight across to Upper City North ApartmentsRun to the left until Sith soldiers accost you (+2 LSP)Swap to Carth and queue Power Blasts on all three Sith soldiersActivate Solo ModeSwap to MC and run back to the door you entered throughSwap to Carth and loot all three corpses for Sith Uniform, grenades, and adrenals} Use Adrenal Alacrity on Carth Swap to MC and Buffer [GP Warp](77xef) to warp CarthExit the apartments} Equip Sith Uniform to CarthActivate Solo ModeRun Carth down street to right until it narrows Swap to MC and Buffer [GP Warp](77xef) to warp Carth- The cutscene to


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