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Download 970k Gaming Combo Txt __FULL__

  • If the 2013 checkbox is selected (G2 is TRUE), the formula pulls the original value from B4, otherwise returns the #N/A error.For 2014 year (K4:K7), enter a similar formula to pull the values from column C if the 2014 checkbox is selected:=IF($G$2=TRUE, C4, NA())

  • In cell L4, enter the formula =$D4, and copy it down to L7. Because the data for the year 2015 should always be displayed in the chart, an IF formula is not needed for this column.

  • Create a combo chart based on the dependent data set (I3:L7). Since we have linked all cells in the dependent table to the original data, the chart will update automatically as soon as any change has been made in the original data set.

Download Dynamic ChartThis is how you can create and use checkboxes in Excel. To review all the examples discussed in this tutorial, you may want to download our sample workbook below. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week.

Download 970k Gaming combo txt



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