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Tales Of Mystery And Imagination, With MP3 Audi...

Tall Tales features a narrator, a folk singer, a "yarn spinner", and actors to present stories from the history of Tennessee. Some of the tales include the breakaway State of Franklin, memories of the Marquis De Lafayette who rode with George Washington and later visited Tennessee, the earthquake of 1811 when the Mississippi ran backwards, Davy Crockett and how he sought a wife, the story of Jenny Lind and P.T. Barnum, Admiral Samuel Powhatan Carter, and many others.

Tales of Mystery and Imagination, with MP3 audi...

Stories is one of the most popular methods to transmit mystical and hidden teachings. The stories of the Bible, of course, are predominant in Western tradition. Hasidic Judaism is known for its wonderful and memorable tales. Many of the teachings have become classicsal transmissions of subtle (and not so subtle) ways to achieve high levels of conscious Awareness. These stories can be told time and time again without getting stale. Enjoy! 041b061a72


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