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Raising Hands

Why we fundraise

The PAC listens to the needs of the school & parent community and raises funds to enhance and enrich our children's educational experience. The money raised enables the PAC to support our students and teachers by covering the costs of things like classroom supplies, equipment, resources, field trips, and school events.

View our current fundraisers. 

What PAC is fundraising for in the 2023-24 school year​

  • Teacher allocations for extra supplies

  • School events

  • Hardship fund

  • Outdoor spaces (activity kits, garden spaces, etc)

  • Outdoor furniture

Examples of what PAC has funded in recent years:

  • Teacher allocations for extra supplies and field trips

  • Brain bikes and sit-to-stand desks for almost every classroom

  • Two water fill stations 

  • ​School crossing guards 

  • Learning resource room upgrades, including sit-to-stand desks, manimals (weighted animals to help with focus while learning), etc.

  • Supplies for clubs and events (battle of the books, knitting supplies, garden supplies, circuit machine, composting, disc golf, new skate laces and skate sharpening, x-country ski refresh, outdoor learning space tables, firepit, big games, lisons ensemble).

  • Events, including movie nights, family dances, welcome BBQs and year-end events. 

  • Donation to grade 7’s year-end trip

  • Hardship fund 

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