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Ilnp Nail Polish Where To Buy

Strawberry Shake is a bright pastel pink speckled nail polish with bold red metallic flakes Savor the juicy sweetness of strawberries with Strawberry Shake, a beautifully blended pastel pink nail...

ilnp nail polish where to buy

Elsa is a glimmering icy light blue holographic shimmer nail polish. A charmingly captivating iridescent blue sparkle rushes alongside holographic micro-flakes within a gentle blue base, creating a standout reflective...

Venom is a deep moss green magnetic nail polish. Once applied, Venom radiates an enticing shimmer-filled green hue. However, as a magnet is introduced, an incredible multi-dimensional effect erupts as...

When looking at the images online I imaged that this polish would have undertones of red. However, this polish actually has pink undertones depending on what lighting the polish is in. Despite this, I still love the colour and the way it shimmers in the light. I found this polish took a little longer to dry than normal however it was certainly worth the wait. Unfortunately, this did lead to one or two bumps where I accidentally knocked my nail as I had assumed the polish was dry.

There different types holographic nail polishes. Scattered polishes are called that because the particles in the pigment are scattered around rather than creating a uniform rainbow effect. Another style is the linear holographic pigments, which create the effect of a uniform rainbow on the nails. You can also get holographic nail polishes with glitter flakes in them of different sizes. There is also the style where you can add dry holographic powder over regular nail polish, which gives you a different type of holographic look.

As a trusted nail expert for red carpets and editorial shoots, Deborah Lippmann knows a thing or two about nail care, which makes her line one of the very best. We're big fans of Lippmann's Gel Lab Pro polishes in particular, which are available in 41 different color options. Her polishes also come with a brush featuring over 300 bristles to evenly coat each nail.

Tenoverten is a female-powered salon and brand with a mission to make nail care more simplified and sustainable. And, as a fun twist, many of their nail colors are named after beloved streets in New York, where the brand is originally based.

We're fans of just about everything Gucci makes, including their nail collection. Formulated with red algae and tocopherol (a form of vitamin E), the brand's polish is made to smooth out nail ridges and imperfections on its surface and dry quickly without leaving streaks behind.

Founder Jacqueline Carrington was inspired to start her brand People of Color in an effort to prioritize melanated skin in the beauty industry. While its polishes are formulated to complement darker skin tones, the brand's lacquers make excellent options for any beauty lover. This base coat is infused with aloe-vera to give your nails extra nourishment.

Vegan and cruelty-free, Pear Nova's nail polishes aim to celebrate a wide range of skin tones while providing clean options that are equally luxurious. The brand recently partnered with the hit show Claws on a vibrant, limited-edition collection.

Smith and Cult's bold nail polish colors are effortlessly stylish, and contain 8-free formulas that are also vegan and chip-resistant. Plus, each bottle includes a sculptural, gilded top that's pretty enough to leave out on your vanity. 041b061a72


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