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The Big Beyond [v0.06] [APK]

A new version of the Gradle plugin is nowavailable. Please update as only this latest version works with Google Playservices 15.0.0 and beyond. This is the last version of the plugin to supportAndroid Studio 2.x. Starting with the next version, the plugin will supportAndroid Studio 3.x only.

The Big Beyond [v0.06] [APK]

Download Zip:

Our community is among the most diverse in the nation. Our students are bright, determined, and above all else, in it together. From the classroom to co-curriculars, our students create connections that reach far beyond their time on campus.

Since 1851, Pacific has been the first to see, and meet, the changing needs of our students, California, and beyond - and our community is driven by this legacy today. Choose Pacific for the ability to create meaningful change first, and for good.

Because of the transitional state of firewalld's new support for nftables,not all iptables features required by libvirt are yet available, so libvirtmust continue to use iptables for its own packet filtering rules even whenthe firewalld backend is set to use nftables. However, due to the wayiptables support is implemented in kernels using nftables (iptables rulesare converted to nftables rules and processed in a separate hook from thenative nftables rules), guest networking was broken on hosts with firewalldconfigured to use nftables as the backend. This has been fixed by puttinglibvirt-managed bridges in their own firewalld zone, so that guest trafficcan be forwarded beyond the host and host services can be exposed to guestson the virtual network without opening up those same services to the restof the physical network. This means that host access from virtual machinesis no longer controlled by the firewalld default zone (usually "public"),but rather by the new firewalld zone called "libvirt" (unless configuredotherwise using the new zone attribute of the network bridge element).

Really good foundation for a game, and the artwork is nice. Love the concept, and would like to see it expanded on beyond what I feel are the basic princesses. It has a little bit of the "everyone needs a big chest to be attractive" vibe to it, like a lot of these games. A little variety wouldn't hurt it in that department imo. It feels like after two years of development it would have a smoother flow to the base game. There is a lot of repetition in drawing/upgrading things that just amounts to click on the dwarf cave, choose upgrade, go back to your office cycle through 2-5 days, rinse repeat dozens of times. That's not fun, like at all. Sure, you can do other stuff and not rush through it, but honestly there isn't enough content there to fill all of that time day wise, being only able to do one thing per day or night per princess. Why not overcome some of the tedium there with a simple "upgrade all" button, and then just let them upgrade in order over time or whatever. There would still be a lot of cycling through the days just to get it done, but it would take out some of the annoyance of having to click back and forth through the map/menus. Another issue I ran into was the park rating going down to zero and being unable to date the girls. Just something that says "do this to unlock the schedule to bring rating back up" would help. It seems like a weird thing to keep out of reach from players until they jump through all the hoops of unlocking the schedule tab on their own, not even being told it exists. The park rating mechanic as a whole seems pointless outside preventing dates. If it effects money, I didn't notice, but with it being as hard as it is to raise again, I'm glad it doesn't. All that aside though, it's a unique experience and I look forward to future updates! 041b061a72


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